What Is smp?

Scalp Micropigmentation, more commonly known in the industry as SMP, creates the illusion of hair follicles over areas of hair loss using the magnificent art of tattoo. It has far exceeded all other hair loss remedies in popularity due to it being non-invasive, non-surgical, and comfortable, without the expectation of daily maintenance.  Overall, it is considerably more affordable than other solutions and yields extraordinary long-lasting results.  SMP is done on an entire scalp to give the appearance of a shaved head with a little bit of stubble.  The hairline is re-created to complement your features and the artist uses a variety of pigment hues for hyper-realism.  Full treatment is completed over 2 or 3 sessions which serves to create the final look gradually.

Density Treatments

For clients experiencing partial scalp hair loss and/or thinning hair, your technician can build the illusion of hair density on the affected areas eliminating the appearance of the scalp skin. This permits regular hair styling that stands up to up dos and windy days!  Using the same method as with SMP the artist creates realistic looking hair follicles in the localized area.  By blending the follicles with the existing hair, matching its colour, thinning hair or patchy hair loss is imperceptible.