remove unwanted tattoos

Our clients come to us to have tattoos removed for a wide variety of reasons.  Tattoos done long ago which may have been a poor choice, any that have not held up well to the passage of time, and those which have been poorly done, including permanent makeup for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips are all situations we have dealt with. Getting a cover up tattoo may require lightening of the current one.There are many different tattoo removal methods, some with questionable results.  Laser tattoo removal causes the tattoo molecules within the cells to be heated up by the laser resulting in them breaking into tiny pieces which are washed away by the body.

Laser removal can be done on very small areas, such as with permanent makeup, or on large areas which is often not possible with any other treatment modality.  Multiple treatments are required.  Laser removal is considered to be the most effective removal method and, when done by a trained and experienced technician, treatments are comfortable and immediately observable. For optimal results please share the age of your tattoo, and what ink was used if you know.  All removal candidates must be in good health and ensure that the treated area is kept clean and free from bacteria until fully healed.